What is MMR in league of legend?

First of all, we should know what the abbreviation is for MMR is just the Match Making Ranking. When you are playing the league of legend game you have to get the ranking in your game. Then only you can get more score and play the game in well manner. For the ranking purpose the MMR is the hidden ranking system where your rank in this MMR will be hidden from your account of league of legend.

As the league of legend MMR is purely hidden from the phase the product that is the ranking of your account will not be shown to anyone. And this will calculate the league of legend ranking and the players gaming skill. The amount of the league points (LP) that the player is gaining from the game and the point they are get lost from the game when they get defeat all are will be calculated. In the case, when the player has taken the league points of 17 to 20 then the MMR of the player is in normal state in players current division.

Compare MMR with ELO system

lol what is mmr

Here in the league of legend game the MMR that is the match making ranking is always following the same value as the ELO system. The ELO system is using the first two ranking session and the ranking that are really giving you the better solution and make you in good position. After the league system was introduced in the league of legend game then the MMR determination is become different. The points will be considered via the gold, silver, bronze, platinum, diamond, master and even other challenger. When you are going to get the better solution about the right profit then you are in need to pick up the separate solution for the using of league of legend (lol) system of game. Using the winning or the defeating strike theĀ mmr on lol is being calculated. In order to get huge winning strike, players need to get 4 platinum and gold 3 is must. Compare to league system the MMR is very much sensitive.