The containers are typically offered with or without covers

The Gastronorm sizes where established by the European Committee for Standardization as a way of standardizing container sizes largely in the catering market. Gastronorm containers are most generally constructed from stainless-steel but are additionally extensively readily available in other materials such as polycarbonate as well as polypropylene products. Gastronorm containers are made use of largely in the providing industry as a means of moving, storing, offering of foodstuff and also are commonly used in conjunction with cooling or heater.

The containers are typically offered with or without covers or covers; these can often be offered with or without notches for utensil handles. Gastronorm container dimensions are expressed as a portion for instance ‘GN 1/1’ likewise known as a complete size container this size gauges 530mm x 325mm, specifically a ‘GN 1/2’ size container is half the size at 325mm x 265mm.

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This bain marie range just covers the size and also length of the containers, deepness is generally displayed in millimeters this suggests that containers of the exact same GN dimension can have varying depths as well as a result varying ability. Below is a list of gastro norm sizes together with their matching statistics dimension:

Due to their fractional sizing system gastro norm containers typically compatible, for instance instead of a solitary GN 1/1 container 2 GN 1/2 containers can be used as well as specifically a GN 1/2 container can be changed with 2 GN 1/4 containers.

Gastronorm containers are usually used in the catering market in chaffing sets, preparation counters, as well as bain maries as well as being made use of for convenient transportation as well as long term storage space. Costs likewise matter when selecting event catering devices. It is a clever thing to first compare the prices provided by different suppliers on a particular sort of device. This will offer you with a close estimate on what does it cost? Loan to allot for the tools required. In this manner you also choose the very best brand name to suit your demands and choices by comparing ahead of time the functions of the things you are comparing.